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Privacy Related

- No IP logs are kept
- No sensitive information required
- Stored usernames are encrypted with sha-256
- TOR browser / VPN usage is allowed and highly encouraged

Terms of Service

- By accessing STR_SITE_NAME you automatically accept this terms.
- Terms can be subject to change over time.
- Admin decisions are final and cant be discussed.
- Attempting to harm STR_SITE_NAME in any way will have consequences.
- In no event shall STR_SITE_NAME be held liable for any special, incidental or consequential
damages or any nature due to the use of our services and/or any information found with our services.

- STR_SITE_NAME shall not be used to intentionally, accidentally or consequentially cause any harm
to any online service whether you own it or not.

- We reserve the right to decide whether to issue a refund or not, independently of any reason provided and or circumstance.

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